Classical Whole Music

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STUDY MUSIC: Math and Physics Exams, Concentration Music, Brain Power Music, Focus on Learning

Music for Studying Mathematics- Three Hours of Relaxing Music for Studying: Math and Physics

Music and math: The genius of Beethoven - Natalya St. Clair

Music develops mathematical skills.
Math helps in sight-reading & to understand music theory.
- So, if they help each other, let's practice them together!

MusicMaths uniquely challenges your skills both in math & music & this combination allows to develop your ability in both at the very same time. The challenge seems to be easy but it is difficult to master it & to reach higher scores.

You don't have to love math or music & you don't have to be good at them to love this game. Practicing MusicMaths regularly develops your mind in a very special way - try & behold!

Works / tested both on mobile & tablet devices.

How to play the game:

* Press the green play button for start
* Count how far the second note is from the first & choose the correct number:
- same notes = "0" (i e you play the same tone on your instrument)
- 2nd note 1 pitch/bit higher or lower than 1st = "1" (i e you are to play the note just beside the current note) etc.
- if the 2nd note is higher or lower with 9 or more pitch/bit then press "+"
* Correct answer gives you 1 point while failure costs you 1. If your score goes under 0 the game will finish
* You can end the game whenever you want by pressing the red end button & save your scores if you want
* You have 1 minute to accomplish as many tasks as possible

Develop & challenge both your music & maths skills & enjoy learning with MusicMaths!
Have a fun time!

*** PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS GAME IS NOT for practicing intervals but rather to understand the connection between musical notation & numbers / math. ***